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Entrepreneur Quest Results


Each student was asked to share about their recent business launch.  Enjoy!

Hello, my name is Sara, and my business is Bark + Meow.  My friend Katherine is kind of the boss. She is the one who made our business. We sold our product at the Renaissance Fair!!  I think our business was successful because we got many customers, and got more money than we expected, and we had fun!! Some things that we could do to improve are possibly have our product out on a tray or something. So that we can have our customers see what we are selling. But besides that, we both had lots of fun!!

Hello my name is Skyler and I participated in the ’’E ship’’ quest. My idea was to make origami and it was kind of a good idea because we came out with a profit of $45. I think my idea of making origami was kind of a bad idea because people did not understand what kind of work you put in to folding a piece of paper. If I could redo everything and pick a business over, I would try something new and see if it would work out better!!

Hi, it is Alex and I did an entrepreneurship quest with Skyler. Our business was an origami stand. We made some of the origami at school so we would have enough for the fair. When we got to the Renaissance Fair it was very cloudy. There were not very many kids at the fair so we did not sell too much. Next time I think that I would try a different business. I hope you like my blog.

Acton Academy Las Cruces E-Ship Quest: Art Renaissance Fair by Lexi

Kids from Acton Academy had come to the Renaissance Fair this November 5-6 to show off all of their creative spirit. From beaded jewelry to pet treats and toys, grades 3-6 had such a talent in making their stock. Lexi said “My friend and I love the marshmallow guns Dylan from Santa’s Little Helpers made. We have been playing with them since we got them!”  Why did they do this?  The main reason was to have fun and learn to start an entrepreneurship and run a business. They all took time deciding what to do for their business.!”

So, this year I did not do a business at the renaissance fair because I went turkey hunting and I had a lot work to do. So next year I’m going to do a business at the renaissance fair but I don’t know what kind I’m going to do. I’m thinking of selling homemade masks and stars, maybe show a little bit of martial arts. There are a lot of ideas about what to do next year for the businesses. Maybe some homemade pumpkins.

Hey it’s Kat, and this is my blog of my friend Sara’s and I business. It was very successful. We made more than I thought I would and it was really fun, we learned a lot about it. We could have done better by maybe putting the treats in jars and let the customer choose the amount, instead of us pre-packaging them.



Homemade spa is a collaboration between three people. We made $106 dollars, but we had to pay back our parents $80 dollars of our profit. No people wanted lip scrubs, body scrubs, or face scrubs in the beginning, but as soon as it was close to lunchtime we started getting people who wanted it. Since we used such expensive ingredients, all of us got seven dollars. We really could have used less expensive ingredients. We had a dilemma with one lady who really needed fifteen dollars for some reason. We gave it to her for fifty cents cheaper than 98 it really was. Thank you for reading!

My name is Jude and my business is “Canvases for Cancer”. I was raising money for my friend Aiden who has leukemia, a type of cancer. My business went very well and I made a lot of money for cancer. I am very happy because my friend Aiden is coming to school very soon. I am going to keep doing my business, it is very fun making up your own business. My business is art painting, as you can tell by the name of the business. I will be happy when Aiden comes to school and can’t wait to see the look on his face when I give him half of my profit plus a $40 donation. I made $200, my business was very successful and it would not change a thing. I was very happy!


I think my magic stand was a good stand because kids love magic and balloon animals. I also think being a magic guy is cool because I got some money.  I really like magic because it is really awesome!


November 11 2016

About my business.

So, my business was a pamper supplies and spa business. I started my business with Kat and Sara. Over time I found out that I like to work by myself. I can focus more and I don’t have to agree with any other suggestions. I’m more of leader than a follower, and I didn’t want to have employees. So we parted ways, Kat and Sara started a business of their own and are very successful. We all sold at the Las Cruces Renaissance Fair, and almost sold out!


I didn’t have any problems with sales, besides I probably should have brought the price down on one of the items. I had a great time during this quest and learned how to manage money and I learned about loans and how to be a great business owner!

My name is Levi and my little business was called “launch’d by levi”. I was selling sling shots, bracelets and necklaces. My business worked really well, but I knew I could do better. One way I knew I could do better is that I can use boxes as a table. I can also talk to people more and that might help my business. I made about $400 and had to pay off my mom, which was $200. I also used money to buy more inventory, so my profit was about $100.

business REPORT

About preparation for the business

By Tara


Business report

How it started

The 1st Friday in in the E ship quest I thought about a drawing business, and so I did a drawing business. A few weeks into it I asked “Student A ” and “Student B” if we could partner with them and they said yes, so we were all in one big group.  Then a new student arrived and joined their group.  But he started making changes to all the plans we already had and they were discussing money, and they all got bigger parts of money than I got, so I quit. And that is where it all stared……

After the craziness

So, we had about 3 weeks and I had one product made, so I know I had to step up my game. Over the weekend my mom and I went to Hobby Lobby and went to get ideas. We found this really cool “elf feet” and canvases to paint on and everything so, Wednesday I brought some paint and a mini canvas. By the time the quest was over I had two mini canvases painted red and green and a trees  canvas and all sorts of Christmas stuff!

I heard the news

  1. My parents are out of town!
  2. I did not have enough product!!
  3. I could not go to the fair!!!

The answer

How I can sell How much money to make What to make
I can sell to my friends and family Goal: at least $30 Portraits
I can sell at the farmers market Goal: at least $40 Christmas stuff
I can sell to people at school Goal; at least $20 I can sell contemporary art

It was still a good experience

So, I did not get to sell at the fair but I still went and supported my friends, but I will still be making art and I am happy about what I have made          TARA

Carson’s Business “Home Made Spa”

My business went very well because of my partners in the business.

Next year I bet it will be better than ever because I will make more products. I will make it better by making more stuff for our stand at the Renaissance Fair. My next business will be clay, and rubber bands. I will make it better than ever by doing different stuff for my business. I only made $7 and I would maybe decide to not be in a group next time.


Calling all hero’s

We are excited to launch the kids blog at Acton Academy Las Cruces.  The upper elementary will maintain this blog and document their journey and accomplishments.